• Wisdom

    The Ginkgo Multi-Strategy Fund relies on unbiased research and more than 130 years of industry experience. The Fund has the ability to select from all asset classes and thousands of stocks and bonds from all over the world.

  • Strength

    The Fund combats risk by actively allocating capital to asset classes, regions and sectors that offer a balanced risk/reward relationship for a volatile market environment. A long-term investment, the Fund is built for capital appreciation and preservation and has flexibility to move to a defensive stature when markets dictate.

  • Results

    The Ginkgo Multi-Strategy Fund performed competitively within the Morningstar Tactical Allocation Category since its inception in 2011.

The name Ginkgo Multi-Strategy Fund was chosen due to the Winch family’s long association with the ginkgo tree. Prior to his death in 2006, Dr. Tim Winch planted hundreds of ginkgo trees on various properties the family owned in Wisconsin. The ginkgo tree can withstand both natural and man-made threats, thrive in any environment and grow quickly. With proper care, ginkgo trees can live up to 1,600 years.